Transreal Books FAQ

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Last updated October 7, 2021, 2019.

(Q) Where does the file go when I download it?
(A) Your browser uses a Downloads directory, and you can find this via the browser menus. Often it's wise to move the downloaded files to an easy to find "Ebooks" directory that you make on your drive.

(Q) How can I read a MOBI for Kindle file on my Kindle device?
(A) If possible, download the MOBI file directly to your Kindle device by navigating to the download link with your Kindle and selecting the download link. The Kindle will accept and open the MOBI. Or download the MOBI file to your computer and copy it to your Kindle. If you are using a Kindle app on your computer, then Kindle can direclty open your MOBI on the computer if you click on the file.

(Q) How do I copy a MOBI file to my Kindle?
(A) The easy way is to email the MOBI file as an attachment to an email to your Kindle. To find out the email address of your Kindle, see this Amazon help page. Once you've sent the MOBI to Kindle, when you open your Kindle, the file will download. If it doesn't ask the Kindle to Synchronize.

(Q) Where to my MOBI files actually live when I send them to Amazon?
(A) Go to Amazon and look under the Account & Lists menu. Chose the category Your Content and Devices. All your ebooks are listed there. The commercial Kindle files are called Books, and to see your uploaded MOBI file, you have to choose the selection Show | Docs.

(Q) What's the hard way to copy a MOBI file to my Kindle?
(A) Connect your Kindle to your computer with the Kindle's USB cable. Open a source folder on your computer's drive that shows your MOBI file. Open a target folder on your computer that shows the Kindle's storage folder. (On older Kindles this location is called "Documents," on newer ones it may be called "Internal Storage.") Drag the MOBI file from the source computer storage folder into the target Kindle storage folder. Disconnect the Kindle, and now it will now show your MOBI book in its list of books. For more information, see this Amazon help page.

(Q) Can I read a MOBI for Kindle file on a computer or smartphone instead of on a Kindle device?
(A) Download the MOBI file to your computer or device, and open it directly with a Kindle app. If you have a Kindle app, the app may offer to open the MOBI file as soon as you download it.

(Q) How do I read an EPUB file?
(A) If you have an EPUB reader on your computer or device, the EPUB is likely to open in your EPUB reader as soon as you download it. If not, download the EPUB file to a location you can find, then start the EPUB reader and use it to open the EPUB file.

(Q) Where do I get an EPUB reader?
(A) A number of excellent free EPUB readers exist for the desktop, tablet, and smartphone. On Windows and on Android phones, the Google Play Books app works well, as does the Adobe Digital Editions app. On the iPhone/iPad/Mac, the free iBooks app works well. Some web browsers have EPUB readers, but this changes all the time.

(Q) How do I copy an EPUB book to my iPhone or iPad?
The easiest method is to send the EPUB file to yourself as an attachment to an email message. Open this message on your iPhone or your iPad, and the device will add the EPUB to the iBooks library on that device. See this link.

(Q) Do you offer titles for the NOOK and for the KOBO?
(A) Many of my ebooks are in Barnes & Noble NOOK format, but in fact NOOK can open EPUP files, as can KOBO. You can buy the EPUB file directly from Transreal Books.

(Q) How do I read an EPUB file on a NOOK or KOBO?
(A) Download the EPUB file to your computer, and transfer it to your NOOK or KOBO via a process similar to the process described above for transferring a MOBI file to a Kindle device. Here is a page with transfer details for the KOBO. And here is a page with details for the NOOK.

(Q) How do the direct downloads from Transreal Books work?
(A) The Transreal Books direct downloads are done securely via the E-junkie and PayPal services. After purchasing a title, you'll be directed to a page with download links that let you get both the EPUB version of the book and the Mobi (for Kindle) version. You'll also get a copy of the download page's location via email, for future use. The download page can be used three times.

(Q) If you're still writing, how can you publish a book called Complete Stories?
(A) As time goes by, I may expand these book every year or so. Each direct purchase from Transreal Books comes with a licensed URL link for three downloads, so if you manage to save the download link for Complete Stories, you can in fact reuse it to get a later download of a volume that's grown larger. Note also that if buy an ebook from Amazon, from B&N, or from iBooks, you are able at a future time to "archive" and then "unarchive" your book generating a fresh download onto your ereader.

(Q ) Do your ebooks use DRM (Digital Rights Management)?
(A) No, they are all non-DRM. Once you have a file, you own it, and you can copy it to other devices.

(Q) The image resolution on some ebook readers is poor. Can you make your ebooks have higher resolition?
(A) I generally tweak my EPUB and MOBI builds so that my images are 1000 pixels wide. If the resolution looks bad at your end, this has to do with the limitations of the ebook reader you are using. If the images are important to you, try a different reader.

(Q) How are the Transreal Books paperbacks produced?
(A) These are produced individually by Amazon or Lightning when customers order them. They appear exactly like normal trade book editions with color covers. Delivery time is a week to ten days.

(Q) I'm a retail bookseller, can I get a wholesale rate on Transreal Books print titles?
(A) Yes, registered retailers can purchase many of my paperbacks and hardbacks at a wholesale rate from Lightning / Ingram.

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